Do you recognise these words and if so are they words you love to hear?

Quando sono solo
Sogno all’orizzonte
E mancan le parole
Sì lo so che non c’è luce….

Ok to put you out of your quandary, they are the words sung at the beginning the popular song, ‘time to say goodbye,’ made popular by artists like, Andrea Bocelli in 1995 then Sarah Brightman and many others.
My ‘good friend’ the google website says,
‘The slight catch is that when you translate the phrase ‘Con te partirò’ as ‘Time to Say Goodbye’, the song sort of stops making any sense.
Here’s the chorus in English:
“Time to say goodbye / to countries I never / saw and shared with you / now, yes, I shall experience them / I’ll go with you / go on ships across seas / which, I know, / no, no, don’t exist anymore / It’s time to say goodbye.”
In summary: they’re saying goodbye to countries they never saw or shared with each other, but now they are in fact going to go to those countries… except they’re travelling there on ships which don’t exist anymore… so it’s time to say goodbye again.’
How poignant for us as a Weymouth Methodist Circuit. We are on the cusp of saying goodbye to our past history as a Circuit with all the changes that the past has held. It’s time to say goodbye and to ‘sail on’ in the good ship of faith with new friendships from Portland and Bridport and Dorchester into the new Dorset South and West Methodist Circuit. Something new and bigger and in faith, greater in God’s hands.
Jesus said, “the harvest is white but the workers are few.” So the need for Mission is an age old story from beginning of Christianity. We need to unite so that we might be stronger for this all important mission within God’s kingdom.
However change is never easy. We like what we are familiar with. I struggle with the first part of the song, ‘time to say goodbye’. I find myself hanging on, not really listening until I hear the words in my own language, words I am familiar with. Which indeed goes against the songs message, that it’s time to say goodbye and to sail on to new shores. In our new circuit there will be exciting opportunities ahead but only if we are prepared to move on expectantly. In our United Mission  may we leave what is behind in gratitude and go forward together to discover new opportunities for God’s Kingdom.
So yes, it’s time to say goodbye and time to move forward in faith.
Every blessing
Rev Jean